The benefits of carpooling for employers

Carpooling is an employer's best friend
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Faced with the current climate emergency, it became imperative to keep global temperature rise below 2°C. Solutions do exist but they require a major awareness of each and everyone of us in order to take concrete action.

Transportation is a dominant source of greenhouse gases and 60% of these emissions come from private cars. In order to reduce the ecological impact, it is therefore necessary to rethink our use of the traditional car and our ways of getting around.

Companies have a big role to play in this transition towards new habits : home-to-work trips represent a large part of our travels, so it is relevant that employers encourage their employees to favor sustainable means of mobility such as carpooling.

It is no secret that a massive use of carpooling as a means of transportation can significantly reduce carbon footprint, but there are also a lot of other advantages for employers to encourage their collaborators to share rides !


First of all, employers can financially benefit from carpooling.


Indeed, the more employees carpool, the less employers need to provide them parking lots, which can represent a significant expense, especially in Switzerland. Funding carpooling incentives will always cost less than maintaining parking spaces and it also allows employers to increase their employees purchasing power by giving them the opportunity to come to work at a lower cost !

As a reminder, with our solution Colleag, drivers receive financial compensation by sharing their car with other employees, and passengers save money on transportation costs by traveling all together (gas, public transport). Both save money on their daily commute and increase their purchasing power.


Implementing a carpooling solution for employees also strengthens the employer brand and improves the CSR strategy.


Carpooling is an eco-friendly transportation option that reduces carbon emissions. Employers can promote carpooling within their companies and integrate it into their CSR strategy to demonstrate that they value sustainability and are committed to transitioning towards sustainable mobilities. By doing so, they strengthen their employer brand, which has some advantages for recruiting :

  • Implementing carpooling attracts potential candidates who share these values and it builds loyalty with current employees by showing them that you care about their quality of work life !
  • Carpooling can make job opportunities more accessible to candidates who do not have their own transportation or cannot afford to commute alone.

A win-win situation !


With carpooling, employees will get to work on time.


Carpooling allows to reduce traffic congestion which is a major issue in many cities ! It can cause significant delays and thus, a loss of productivity for companies.

With people carpooling, the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road decreases and so does traffic congestion. This means that employees can get to work faster and more efficiently. By reducing the amount of time employees spend stuck in traffic in the morning, carpooling can help employees arrive at work on time and in a more relaxed state, which brings us to the following point…


Carpooling improves your employees’ mood !


Sharing a ride with coworkers is a great way for employees to socialize, build relationships with each other outside of work and thus reduce stress. This can help create a more positive and collaborative work environment, which will improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Moreover, these rides also provide an opportunity for employees to network with people of other companies. Indeed, Colleag enables employees within the same area to carpool all together. They can then get to know each other better, even if they come from different backgrounds and experiences, and potentially create professional connections by sharing a ride. This can be beneficial for both the candidates and the employer, as it can lead to future collaboration !


In short, carpooling has many advantages for employers – whether on an economic, environmental or social level – they have everything to gain by implementing and promoting carpooling in their company !

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